Dr David Hamilton

There is no longer any doubt that the way we think affects our bodies: countless scientific studies have shown this to be true. For former pharmaceutical scientist, Dr David Hamilton, the testing of new drugs highlighted how profoundly the mind and body are connected. Time and time again, the control group of patients in drug trials improved in similar ways to those who actually received the medicines. Astounded, he decided to leave the industry to explore the relationship between the mind and the body.

This bestselling acclaimed book was first published 10 years ago. In it, Dr Hamilton explores the effect of visualisation, belief and positive thinking on the body, and shows how using our imagination and mental processes can stimulate our own defences and healing systems to combat disease, pain, injury and illness.

In this new edition, Dr Hamilton has added four new chapters to discuss the latest cutting edge information and extraordinary new techniques. These include using imagery to stimulate the immune system – a method that can benefit cancer patients undergoing conventional treatment – effectively using the mind to speed up rehabilitation from stroke, and powerful visualisation strategies to enhance sporting performance, and facilitate recovery from injury, illness and disease.

Learn all the ways that your mind affects your body, from how placebos work, how mindfulness shapes brain circuits, to how positive emotions can impact the heart, arteries, and the immune system. Even learn how to use visualisation techniques to help the body to heal from injury and illness. At his talk, you’ll learn practical tools and strategies for using the mind to help facilitate healing.


7.30pm, Thursday 3 October

Trinity Church


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